Changes starting from 2021, 1st of July
All shipments sent from outside of EU must be declared at Customs.
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How to register a customs postal consignment?
Step-by-step instructions for filling in the customs declaration
Go to the Electronic Declaration System (EDS) of the State Revenue Service (VID)
In the navigation menu on the left, select Processing Customs Entry (Muitas dātu apstrāde) EMDAS
Select IKS (PS)
Go to the "Importa pasta sūtījumu deklārācijas" section to begin filling in the entry
In the navigation menu on the left, select Create New and read the rules
Fill in and pay for it
Carefully fill in and submit your declaration. After waiting for the declaration to be processed, pay the calculated taxes and duties
Package data
To fill in the declaration, you will need the following data:
  • TSD (Temporary Storage Declaration, or PUD) number
  • serial number
  • tracking number
  • details on the goods received
  • invoice
  • registration number of the person informed: LV40003242756
Frequently asked questions
If you have any questions, we will definitely have the answers for them!
What is a tracking number?
The UPS tracking number is a unique shipment number that consists of 18 (1Z.............) or 11 (Y..........) characters. Using the tracking number, you can exactly identify the parcel and establish its current status.

What is a shipment ID?
A shipment ID is a unique number assigned to a cargo that is used in customs documentation. For example, if a cargo consists of 10 boxes, each of them will have its own unique tracking number, and all of them together will have a single shipment ID.
What are TSD (PUD) and serial numbers?
A TSD (PUD, Pagaidu uzglabāšanas deklarācijas) number or a temporary storage declaration number is a unique customs entry number (assigned by Latvian Customs). Together with a serial number (kārtas numurs), TSD allows identifying the shipment subject to customs clearance. A serial number can be repeated!
How can I get help with my registration?
Our customs declarants can help you. Please, fill in the contact form and we will contact you shortly.
Why do I have to pay customs fees for my postal consignment?
According to the customs law of the Republic of Latvia, postal consignments received from countries outside the EU, which cost more than EUR 22 are subject to value-added tax (VAT). The cost of delivery is added to the customs shipment cost to calculate taxes and duties.
Can I change my delivery address?
Yes, after customs procedures are processed, you will be able to change the address of your shipment delivery. Once the cargo is registered, you will receive an SMS with information about the delivery and available options for changing the address and delivery date.
How can I pay customs duties?
After the declaration has been registered in the SRS Electronic Declaration System, you will be asked to make a payment via the portal This is the most efficient and fastest way to pay customs fees.
How do I pay customs fees if the portal does not work?
You can pay value-added tax (VAT) and customs duty (charged for goods worth more than EUR 150) directly from the Internet bank by a simple transfer.

If the tax payment is made directly to the State Treasury account without using the portal, please send payment exerpt to the email address Point out declaration number and ask to compare the declaration data with payment details.


Value-added tax (VAT) should be transferred using the following details:
Recipient: Valsts kase
Reg.No.: 90000050138
account: LV66TREL1060000513000

Customs duty should be transferred using the following details:
Recipient: Valsts kase
Reg.No.: 90000050138
account: LV32TREL1060000611000
How can I clear a parcel if I do not have access to the portal (nonresident of Latvia)?
If you do not have access to State portal, we offer to use our brokerage services. Please fill out the form so we can contact you to help with customs procedures.
Get support from EKL/LS customs declarants
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